Hydrating Protein Gel - 4 oz. - $35.95


What’s In It  &  What Does It Do? *


Organic Aloe Vera Gel – Aloe Vera helps renew the skin by helping to repair and maintain it. It penetrates deep into the skin, transporting other beneficial ingredients into the growing hair. It preserves, nourishes and moisturizes cells. Contains over 75 vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars and amino acids.

Jojoba Oil – Natural moisturizer that mimics natural oils in the skin. Like Aloe Vera Gel, it penetrates deeply, bringing along beneficial ingredients & maximizing their effect on the scalp. E & B  vitamins

helps w/ damage control & skin repair. Relieves itching & dryness


Argan Oil – Moisturizer with healing anti-aging properties. Increases skin elasticity. Extremely rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. Excellent for repairing damage and helping prevent further dryness & irritation.


Grapeseed Oil – Extremely rich in beta-carotene and vitamins D, C and E, with high concentrations of Palmitic, Stearic and Linoleic Acids. It absorbs extremely well, helping to tone and clean both the skin and  pores. It is linked to scar and wrinkle reduction, acne prevention and   restoration of Collagen in skin.


Avocado Oil – Expectant (Helps the skin attract and hold onto moisture)Like Jojoba Oil, it soaks deep into the scalp for better results. A natural moisturizer, it helps keep skin soft & hydrated.


Castor Oil – Natural Cleanser and Moisturizer. It helps break apart impurities that harden into the pours. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Helps soften and hydrate follicles


Black Keratin Protein – The outermost layer of your skin is mostly Keratin. In every skin cell, a Keratin structure is responsible for keeping the cell functioning well.


Peppermint Oil – Helps improve circulation, encouraging healthier hair growth. Anti- Microbial properties fight bacteria. Helps protect wounds

and skin from infection. “Relaxes” the muscles and nerves in the skin,  increasing blood flow, which brings more nutrients to the follicles.

Cruelty Free. No Animal Testing

Sulfate and Paraben Free.

*** Allergy Warning: Product Contains Nut Oils

Product claims based on Traditional Herbal Sources.

Not reviewed or approved by F.D.A.