Debug Shampoo - 16 oz. - $18.95

Enough for a family of 4, or 1 chronic case. 

You can be lice free, with Debug Lice Shampoo; a safe, effective alternative to pesticides. A high quality steel nit comb, with every bottle.
No toxins, allergens or pesticides. It's safe for infants, pregnant woman and nursing mothers. 
Just spray it on, let it stand 15 minutes, and rinse. Shampoo again as often as needed. 
8 -16 shampoos per bottle, depending on thickness and length of hair, and if you use it right. 2 shower caps and combing instructions come with each bottle; enough for a family of 4 or for 1 chronic case. 

Cruelty Free. No Animal Testing

Sulfate and Paraben Free.