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                     Myths & Misinformation

        Myth #1 - People can feel it when lice bite their scalp

                Truth:    Lice feed by sucking blood through tiny needle-like feeding tubes,
                        too small to be felt. The itching associated with lice is caused by
                        a build-up of saliva left in the skin after feeding. The amount of
                         saliva is so small, it sometimes takes weeks before itching occurs.

        Myth #2 - People get lice because of dirty houses or poor personal hygiene

   Dirty houses don’t encourage lice. Personal hygiene does
                              not increase the chances of getting head lice. But, once infested,
                            the only way to get rid of lice is through careful
                            personal cleanliness.

       Myth #3 - We can get lice from cats, dogs or other animals

                Truth     While human lice can be carried around by animals temporarily,
                            they cannot live on them. Each breed of animal has its own lice
                            that cannot live on any other animal.

       Myth #4 - Lice bites cause rashes or redness on the scalp

                Truth:     While the itching is caused by a build-up of
                            saliva in the scalp, the redness and
                            skin irritation are caused by scratching.

       Myth #5 - Lice can jump or fly from one person to another

                Truth:     Lice do not have wings. They are not designed for jumping.
                            Each claw is designed to grasp a single hair.
                            They hitch hike from person to persons by grasping the
                            other persons hair when their heads get to close together.

       Myth #6 - Sick people are more apt to get lice

                Truth:     Lice like healthy people, because the quality of the
                            blood is higher.

       Myth #7 - More girls get head lice than boys

                Truth:     Actually twice as many girls get head lice.